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Career Services Network, LLC Owner and President,
Katreena Hayes-Wood

Has an outstanding history of empowering corporate work teams, Native American communities, school districts and government agencies to optimize workplace strategies achieving cross-the-board success.

Leading by example, Katreena believes that when you focus on helping others to achieve personal and professional excellence, everyone wins. Empowered, creatively engaged and appreciated work teams perform at superior levels.

Our Motto:
Positive People - Positive Results

  • Align the right people with the right jobs
  • Get your people involved in the process
  • Support individual ownership for job performance
  • Encourage innovation, resourcefulness and creativity
  • Provide the training and tools that allow employees to succeed personally and professionally
  • Reward performance to individual needs
  • Motivate, inspire, encourage and appreciate

Katreena believes in giving back and getting involved. She considers community service and involvement is critical to personal and professional accomplishment. When we give, we grow!

Most recently Katreena was named as one of the 2008 Top Ten Business Woman by the American Business Women's Association, which is their most prestigious award. She was also honored with Arizona Career and Technical Association's Make a Difference Award.

As a best-selling author, Katreena has authored three books and four Career Development workbooks. She actively serves on the White House panel that focuses on job creation solutions and workplace empowerment.

She has been featured in several local and national newspapers, including USA Today, Women in Business, Arizona Business Magazine and The Arizona Republic. She has also appeared on several local radio and television programs for her work and contributions helping others to discover personal and professional excellence.

Katreena's personal mission is "To touch lives in a positive way, every day."


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