Zoom Webinars:
Each webinar includes an Attendance Report, Certificate of Completion for attendees, class handout and Intranet resource page for reference after class.
  1. Application Essentials – The biggest complaint from employers is that applicants don’t know how to fill out applications. In this webinar learn how to complete an application to employers’ specifications to get the interview and job offer.
  2. Budgeting and Money Management Essentials – Either you manage your money, or it will manage you. Learn about the 70/30 plan for managing your money and budgeting. This plan will get and keep you on track for financial success.
  3. Budgeting for Life – Building on your Budget from last week, we’ll discuss the theories and resources that will help you to build a budget that works and helps you to get and stay ahead financially.
  4. Creating a Budget that Works – During this webinar we’ll look at your actual budget. You’ll evaluate your expenses and calculate income and apply it to a real-life budget that works for you and your family.
  5. Building Confidence & Self‐Motivation – Learn about what’s holding you back, how to confront your past so you can move confidently into your future. Includes strategies to help get and stay more motivated.
  6. Business Builders for Beginners – Perfect for anyone thinking about starting a home-based business. Learn what it takes to build and grow a successful business.
  7. Business Builders (12-week series) – Specifically for those who are series about starting a business. The goal of this series to walk participants through each necessary step at starting a successful business from writing a business plan, learning about funding sources, obtaining a business license and marketing a business. Using the Shark Tank™ model each business is required to do a 15-minute presentation on their business.
  8. Business Writing Essentials, Part 1 – Learn how to become a better writer with a compelling overview of what you may have forgotten, or never knew. Lots of helpful tips and suggestions included.
  9. Business Writing Essentials, Part 2 - A continuation of Business Writing Skills, Part 1, which includes an informative discussion about the best practices for business writing, plus a fun session of writing practice we call Writers Rehearsal.
  10. CareerCODE Ethics and Etiquette in the Workplace - Learn the importance of ethics in the workplace including how to make decisions and manage workplace projects with integrity and accountability.
  11. CaREer Makeover – After the past few years many of us need to reimagine our career strategies. During this webinar we’ll explore new approaches for Rethinking, Reinventing and Restarting our work life and careers.
  12. CareerMapping™ – Learn what project managers already know, that 90% of your success depends on the plan before you start. In this webinar you’ll learn how to plan out your career for optimum achievement.
  13. Communication in the Workplace* – Using the DISC Behavioral Assessment we’ll investigate your communication style and how to effectively communicate with all types of people in the workplace. *Requires completing assessment prior to class and having your assessment printed for review during class.
  14. Conflict Resolution - Learn to successful resolve conflict by managing stressful situations quickly while maintaining calm and order. Learn to interpret verbal and non-verbal cues that help you cope with negative emotions and behavior in professional settings.
  15. Coping with Anxiety – According to a recent CDC report, 2 in 5 adults are experiencing “considerably elevated” mental health issues. During this class we’ll discuss the cycle of anxiety, including strategies to manage our anxiety and stress levels.
  16. Your Credit and Managing Your Financial Assets - Learn the languages of credit and how to get and manage your credit including how to improve your FICO score. Plan to set up an online financial management account using Experian for your credit and Mint for managing online accounts.
  17. Customer Service Essentials - Discover the 3-C of delivering exceptional customer service and what it means to serve your internal and external customers and build stronger more trusting relationships with co-workers and colleagues.
  18. Discover Your Ideal Career Field – Learn how to get in the Career Passion Zone! Answer 20 questions to get focused, define your ideal career and change your life.
  19. Do What You LOVE and the Jobs Will Follow – In this webinar you will identify your interests and learn how to turn them in to career opportunities.
  20. Let’s Get in Your Drawers, Organization for Home and Office - Discover your “Organizational Type” and strategies to become more organized at home and in the workplace.
  21. Financial Planning for Self-Sufficiency, Part One – During this webinar you’ll build a budget, learn how to track your spending, cut your expenses and manage and pay off your debt.
  22. Financial Planning for Self-Sufficiency, Part Two – In this class we’ll continue by learning about building your savings, the types of income streams, tools for increasing your wealth and planning for retirement.
  23. Financial Savvy – Being a financially savvy person we must maintain a healthy financial standing. During this class we’ll discover everything you should have in your financial toolkit, from types of financial institutions, insurance, investments, buying a home and so much more!
  24. Find Your Joy, Stress Management – Take a quiz and find out how your doing managing your stress then explore the 5-R’s to successful stress management.
  25. Relationships! – Personal and professional relationships effect our daily outlook as well as our life performance. Learn how to manage your relationships for optimal well-being.
  26. How To Find a Job Working from Home - If you’ve been thinking about finding a job working from home, don’t miss this class! During this webinar we’ll explore the strategies and best resources to land a job working from home.
  27. How to Prepare for a Job Interview – In this webinar you’ll learn to complete a successful job interview including strategies for answering crucial questions and following up after an interview. Includes one-on-one virtual Zoom interview. Attendees get link to view their virtual interview.
  28. How to Simplify Your Life – During this back-to-basics webinar we’ll take a good look at what’s holding you back and explore strategies that will help you to eliminate the negative, embrace the positive, and simplify your life.
  29. Interview Smarts – During this webinar you’ll learn about the different types of interviews and the tips and strategies to ace everyone!
  30. Interviewing Strategies – How to prepare for and complete a successful interview including strategies for following up after an interview. Includes one-on-one virtual Zoom interview. Attendees get link to view their interview.
  31. Job Smarts, Essential Steps to Workplace Success – During this webinar you’ll learn about your employer’s expectations and how to think more strategically as a team player, finding more work-related opportunities plus managing your image, your stress, your time and most importantly your attitude at work.
  32. Job Smarts, Essential Steps for First Time Workers – During this webinar you’ll learn about your employer’s expectations and how to think more strategically as a team player, finding more work-related opportunities plus managing your image, your stress, your time and most importantly your attitude at work. This workshop includes role playing scenarios.
  33. Leadership Development - Learn the art of leading and motivating people toward achieving a common goal. Discover what it takes to be a dynamic, successful leader that others want to follow. Each attendee is asked to participate in a 4-week leadership project.
  34. Letters of Employment – This class covers every letter you’ll ever need during your job search including cover letters, letters of interest, request for mentorship, thank you letters, and letters of explanation, recommendation, and resignation. Plus, the intranet resource page provides sample of each in a Word format.
  35. Writing a Dynamic LinkedIn Profile – Learn how to write an effective LinkedIn Profile that will get noticed and increase visibility and potential job opportunities.
  36. Living Outside the Box – During this fun and interactive webinar you’ll learn about what’s inside your heart box and meet the rainbow people. Not only will this class help you improve your mindset, but it will also give you tips on how to help your children live more positive lives.
  37. Mental Health Check-in – Right now, everyone is feeling the stress of navigating life during a pandemic. Let’s do a check-in and talk about what we can to better manage our mental health and toss in a fun habit changing activity.
  38. New Jobs for the Post Pandemic – Learn about the new jobs and careers that have emerged during the past 12 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Discuss strategies to successfully navigate your job search and beyond.
  39. Networking for Job Search Success – Learn to build, manage, and use a professional network to help find job opportunities.
  40. Organizing Your Job Search –In this webinar we’ll review the essential elements needed to organize and keep your job search on track and productive.
  41. Phone Etiquette – Effective communication is essential to workplace success; learn the rules of dynamic phone etiquette for interviews as well as workplace telephone protocol.
  42. Planning for a Successful School Year – Whether you’re the student or the parent, or both you’ll learn effective strategies to making this school year the best and most productive ever! Includes a school year planning for all!
  43. Relationships! – Personal and professional relationships effect our daily outlook as well as our life performance. Learn how to manage your relationships for optimal well-being.
  44. Résumé Development, formatting a Résumé that gets Results (Part 1) – Learn the proven methods for formatting a résumé that gets you an interview and how to use it as an interviewing tool.
  45. Résumé Development, Writing a Résumé that gets Results (Part 2) – Learn to write a branding or profile statement plus the sections of a résumé to complete your dynamic résumé.
  46. Role Modeling - Who’s Watching You? – During this class we’ll explore how our actions affect those around us, especially our children! You’ll learn how to become a more effective role model by paying attention to your choices.
  47. Self-Care for Productivity – Learn why self-care is so important. Explore best practices to increase your productivity, plus create your own personalized self-care regime.
  48. Self-Directed Career Coaching - Learn to implement this simple and effective Self-Directed Career Coaching program model to help you navigate a productive and successful job search.
  49. Servant Leadership and Networking - Learn about the connection between servant leadership, volunteering, and community service toward building a stronger and more dependable professional network to grow job opportunities and relationships.
  50. Start by One and Get Things Done – Embrace your bucket list and discover how to write an action plan that motivates you to finally get things done and accomplished.
  51. Strategies for Going Back to Work – Explore the different ways to plan and prepare for returning to work with discussion about skill development, updating your career-related paperwork, organizing your job search, and using your professional network.
  52. Stress Management Essentials – Discover what it takes to manage your stress including identifying your stress level, your stressors and learning about self‐care.
  53. Study Skills and College Preparedness - study style and what you can do to improve your grades and school performance. This webinar includes an overview of what every person going/returning to college should know to help them succeed.
  54. SuccessCIRCLES for Job CLUB – What is a Success Circle and how can you use one to help your program participants succeed? During this workshop you’ll learn how to use a Success Circle to engage your program participants, includes suggested agendas and activities for Job CLUB meetings.
  55. Successful Virtual Interview Strategies – Whether it’s Skype, Zoom or Facetime, learn to prepare, perform and ace a virtual interview that gets results.
  56. The Elements of a Good Decision – A good decision makes sense and feels right. In this webinar we’ll consider the questions to ask when making decisions and tactics for working through important choices.
  57. The Miracle of Gratitude – We’ll explore the connection of our dreams, thoughts, words, actions, and affirmations to gratitude and how that connection brings about miracles in our everyday experience. You’ll receive a gratitude journal and affirmation cards as part of this class.
  58. The Power of Patience – Patience, the illusive virtue!!! In this webinar we’ll explore the aspects of patience and ways to notice, manage and improve our use of patience at home and in the workplace.
  59. The Ripple Effect – How Kindness Changes Everything! In this webinar we’ll take a pause to check-in on our mental health and how adjusting our attitude changes the entire landscape for our personal and career efforts.
  60. Time Management Essentials - Learn simple and effective tools for managing your time like a super star. Attendees receive the Time Management Tool and Guidebook.
  61. Transitional Jobs – How to get from your current job to your dream job – Learn to use a simple formula to move from your current job into the job of your dreams.
  62. Understanding How Employers Use Technology in the Hiring Process – In this webinar we’ll review the tech tools that employers use during the hiring process, including strategies that will make your job search more effective.
  63. Understanding How Fear is Holding You Back – Fear is a prison! During this webinar we’ll explore forms of job-related fear, how it holds us back and simple steps to help us overcome our job-related fear.
  64. VisionSTARS, Leadership Development - Learn the art of leading and motivating people. Discover what it takes to be a dynamic, successful leader that others want to follow. Attendees can participate in a voluntary 4-week leadership project.
  65. What’s Causing Your Anxiety and Solutions for Coping and Healing – First we’ll look at what’s causing your anxiety then we’ll identify practical solutions to cope, heal, and rebuild.
  66. Why Should I Hire You? - Learn to connect your skills to the job you want. Understand what employers expect. Communicate why you’re the best fit for the job.
  67. When Being Judged by Others – During this though provoking webinar learn strategies to overcome you fear of being judged by others and what you can do when you catch yourself judging others.
  68. Work-Life Balance - Work-Life Balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. Learn how to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life including strategies to help prevent burnout in the workplace and chronic stress related imbalance between home and work.