For more than 20 years Career Services Network has created interactive and customizable workshops for clients around the country. Whether it's career and workforce specific, soft skills, or hard skills our program participants can plan to walk away with information, tools and resources that they can apply professionally and personally to improve their lives and work experience. Check out our most popular workshops.


  1. Four-Day, CareerQuest™ Work Readiness Training* - WRTplus™
  2. Three-Day, CareerQuest™ Work Readiness Training* – WRT3
  3. Two-Day, CareerQuest™ Work Readiness Training* – WRT2

  4. * CareerQuest™ Work Readiness Training meets the Department of Labor, WIOA requirement for Skills 1-6 training, including pre/post testing and Completer's Report, with copies of participant's pre/post tests, resume, application, interview and certificate of completion. WRTPlus includes Entrepreneurial Skills.

  1. NEW How to work a Job Fair – Learn the most effective strategies for attending a job fair and connecting with potential employers. Learn how to prepare for job fairs and the best strategies for getting job interviews and making career connections.
  2. Creating Your Master Application Packet (MAP) –Using your Career Management Document, Application Essentials, Cover Letters, Letters of Interest, Thank You Letters and Résumé Development.
  3. Application Essentials – Learn how to fill out the perfect application using your Sample Application.
  4. Career Exploration – Career Profiler™ – Discover your ideal career field by exploring your skills, values, interests and passions. Plus learn how to do information interviews to research your chosen career field.
  5. The Letters of Employment – Cover Letters, Letters of Interest and Thank You Letters
  6. Dress for Success – Learn about making a spectacular first impression; how to dress for an interview and in the workplace.
  7. Organizing Your Job Search – Attendees will set up a Contact Information Notebook and learn how to use the Job Search Organizer during this comprehensive workshop.
  8. Interviewing Strategies – How to prepare for, complete a successful interview including strategies for following up after an interview.
  9. Developing a Résumé that gets Results – Learn the proven methods for writing a résumé that gets you an interview and how to use it as an interviewing tool.

  1. NEW Don't be a Frog – Do you have what it takes to build a strong, effective professional network? In this class you'll learn the basics of career networking for managing your job search, attending job fairs and career advancement. This is a must for those entering the workforce or transition from one job to another.
  2. Leadership Development – NEW – VisionStars™ workshop teaches participants about what it takes to be an effective leader through team work and community service. Participants join a leadership team and develop a community service project.
  3. Ethics in the Workplace – Learn the importance of ethics in the workplace including how to make decisions and manage workplace projects with integrity and accountability.
  4. Communication in the Workplace – Effective communication is essential to workplace success, learn what it is and how to improve your communication style for workplace success and effectiveness.
  5. How to Keep a Job – Learn what you need to do to ensure you can keep you job including how to develop a valuable relationship with your supervisor.
  6. Customer Service Essentials – Discover the 3–C's of exceptional customer service and what it means to serve your external and internal customers and co–workers.
  7. Business Writing Skills – Often overlooked but extremely important are business writing skills. Learn ways to improve you writing skills to help you communicate more effectively and get promoted in the workplace.

  1. NEW Business Builders™ – This comprehensive three-day training helps attends strategizes the details needed to start and operate a successful business. Day one focuses on outlining a business plan, day two spotlights techniques for marketing and promoting your business and on day three each business team will present their business to local business leaders, in a Shark Tank™ type atmosphere, where they will receive valuable critique and business advice.
  2. NEW Effective Advisory Councils for Job Development – Learn the techniques for setting up and operating a successful Business Advisory Council for business and job development including recruiting members and coordinating advisory council meetings.
  3. Entrepreneurial Skills Development –Discover what it takes to start and operate a successful business. Teams will work together to build and promote a mock business. Offered in ½-day or full-day format.
  4. Business Plan Essentials – Learn the essentials of writing a business plan to help you get and keep organized while growing your business. This is offered in a full-day format.

  1. NEW Maze Runner, a Career Adventure – This is the class that high school students are raving about. It begins by defining career direction followed by exploring the maze of "after high school" options including going straight to work, attending trade school, university, or joining the military. The full-day version includes creating a master plan DreamBook™.
  2. Study Skills – Learn what it takes to become a better student by managing your study skills. Discover your study style and what you can do to improve grades and school performance.
  3. College Preparation Essentials – Everything you need know from transitioning from high school to college, college life basics including budgeting, paying bills and time and stress management.
  4. College Readiness – Understanding the Maze of Information to Navigate Your Journey through College

  1. NEW Self-Care for Productivity – this insightful and engaging workshop reminds of us of why self-care is so important. Attendees will be guided through self-care best practices and each attendee will walk away with their own, personalized list of self-care techniques. Attendees will also receive our 30-Day, Self-Care Journal via the Intranet Resource Directory set up for this class.
  2. NEW Budgeting and Money Management Essentials – Money Matters™ Either you manage your money or it will manage you. Learn about the 70/30 plan for managing your money and budget. This plan will get and keep you on track for financial success.
  3. Building Confidence & Self–Motivation – Learn about what's holding you back, how to confront your past so you can move confidently in to your future. Includes strategies to help get and stay more motivated.
  4. Healthy Relationship Essentials – Whatever your age, it's important to know how to navigate relationships in a way that promotes respectful and healthy relations with those with whom we work and live.
  5. Stress Management Essentials – Discover what it takes to manage your stress including identifying your stressors and learning about self–care.
  6. Time Management Essentials –Learn to manage your time to get organized and get more done. Discover and use the Time Management Tool used by leaders in business and the workplace.
  7. Who is Watching YOU – Role Modeling – Teaches you how to become a more effective role model by making better life decisions.
  8. Life Skills Essentials – This is it! A comprehensive workshop that covers everything you need to know to make life work easier including setting up house; budgeting and paying bills; shopping wisely; meal planning and cooking plus staying safe and avoiding identity theft and common pitfalls.

  1. NEW Computer Skills Development – Computer Boot Camp™ during the four‐day class participants with little to no computer skills learn everything from turning on a laptop to typing and emailing a résumé, filling out an online application and searching for and applying for a job using the Internet. Each attendee that completes all 16 competencies gets a laptop, laptop bag, wireless mouse and ear buds. : Laptops are refurbished and come with a limited warranty on the hardware.
  2. NEW Advanced Computer Training the Reboot™ – ACTr – Specifically designed for the advanced computer user as a refresher course. Each attendee will select a learning track, Business, Marketing, or Accounting and develop a workable project using your computer skills. Attendees who complete the rigorous 2-day curriculum get to keep their laptop, laptop bag, wireless mouse and ear buds. Note: Laptops are refurbished and come with a limited warranty on the hardware.

  1. NEW Parenting Program – This comprehensive program was designed to incorporate Native values and perspectives. We train your staff to deliver this exceptional program. You receive an extensive Intranet Resource Page specifically for your group and agree to purchase program materials from Career Services Network.
  2. Ask us about developing or customizing your training program!