Welcome to Career Services Network

At Career Services Network, LLC we have a proud history of providing exceptional service; building and maintaining trusting, professional relationships and delivering comprehensive and sustainable employment and workplace solutions.

Our business philosophy is based on four simple questions:
  1. How can we help?
  2. How can we serve?
  3. How can we empower?
  4. How can we achieve sustainable results?

The answer to these questions is at the heart of everything we do and they extent to our team, our clients and our community.

Every client, every project and every endeavor we choose to align with is given our complete and undivided attention with a promise to deliver more than is expected, in a timely fashion, honoring individuals, empowering teams and promoting collaborative, organizational achievement.

Our Mission is:
To deliver a full-range of key training and event services and solutions to that empower purpose driven work teams to perform at optimal levels and achieve more in a dynamic, trusting and motivating environment.

Our Vision is:
To make the workplace a better place by training individuals to perform at optimal levels and inspiring work teams to discover creative and effective ways to realize greater success by working together, serving intentionally and improving personal and professional character.

Our Promise is to have a positive impact for you, your team and the people you serve.

We believe that when we work together toward a common goal, everyone is a winner!

Popular Resources

Happy Dance Day Planner

The most successful project managers claim that the key to a winning project is in having a solid plan in place before you begin the project work. Most of us want (and need) more freedom and it is an important aspect to happiness. When we effectively manage our "stuff" whether it's time, money, projects and yes sometimes people, it allows us more freedom. When we have more freedom we function at higher, happier levels.

Use the attached day planner to improve your outlook, achieve more freedom and happiness and plan your day for greater success!
Happy Dance Day Planner (PDF)

Time Management Tool

One of the biggest challenges most professionals complain about is effectively managing their time. We've assembled an easy-to-use tool that will help you and your team to organize and manage your schedules, projects and most importantly YOUR TIME.
Time Management Tool (PDF)

SuccessCircles™ for Team Success

Collaborative Achievement is the only way to sustain team success! We believe that when we choose to help each other, in a purposeful and unselfish way every one wins. SuccessCircles™ is one of the tools; we've developed, to help our clients achieve meaningful, sustainable success. This tool is straightforward and easy to implement.
Success Circles